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Gap Analysis

Intelligence: we scan your company assets and give you a full diagnosis of all your vulnerabilities in the digital space.The starting point is only your domain.

Optional Service:
Human Footprint Scanning.

Risk Assessment

Intelligence: We deliver a report with all the findings and their risk levels. Our Intelligence Analysts will expose the report to you, pointing out the most remarkable risks.
Cybersecurity: Solutions for technical monitoring and security testing of systems and digital infrastructures. These include pentesting, phishing and SIEM solutions. Optional Service: Human Vulnerabilities Assessment.


Intelligence: Some risks may need more profound research to obtain detailed information about the level of security danger. Our experts will help you to mitigate those risks immediately.
Cybersecurity: our pen testers find and counter the attack in real time.
Cyber Insurance: we provide financial coverage for liabilities as a result of cyberattacks, theft of information, inability to access data or even to cover sanctions imposed for non-compliance with data protection laws (GDPR).
Optional: Human vulnerabilities mitigation.

Human Factor

If you are just interested on the Human Factor risks, you can choose this service exclusively:
Human Vulnerabilities Scan
Human Vulnerabilities Risk Assessment
Human Vulnerabilities Mitigation

Supply Chain

We use our own methodology, Milagro Digital Risk Intelligence: a data driven security program based on ISO 27001 for third party risk using company strategy and goals combined with intelligence to support prioritization, risk mitigation and action plans to reduce the risk of third parties.